agencja działania

For foreign customers we offer a special service via internet or personal contact. We are able to provide a full service package, starting from identifying your needs, through the stages of graphic design to printing. Alternatively we can simply print from your ready-made files. Packaging and delivering to your door (without any additional efforts from your side) is also organized by us. Our major advantage is the price. The quality is high as we work on modern Heidelberg machines and our personnel are highly experienced. The time needed for production is usually shorter if not the same as with your domestic suppliers, and we need a maximum of 5-6 days for economy delivery (the cheapest). We may also arrange for express delivery if necessary.

The terms of cooperation are flexible. It depends on the volume and value of your order. We are registered as EU VAT payer, so we issue a 0% VAT on the invoice (PL7811377452).

We work on e-mail, telephones and internet communicators. We have our FTP for uploading large files and we have an extensive track record in offering the best in graphics and printing.

Please contact us for the quotes or any other questions via e-mail or phone.